Saturday, December 01, 2012

The best rivalry-related thing ever

Navy's mascot is a goat. His name is Bill. He lives on a farm in Maryland, presumably since the Naval Academy doesn't offer ideal living conditions for mountain- or plains-dwelling animals. This seemingly trivial information is relevant because this happened last weekend:
Navy’s official mascot, Bill the Goat, was found attached to a median near the Department of Defense headquarters following his kidnapping (goatnapping?) last weekend. Bill is kept year-round at Maryland Sunrise Farm in Gambrills and is habitually poached in advance of the Army-Navy game.

The goatnapping was confirmed Thursday by John Jordan, manager of Maryland Sunrise Farm. Jordan suspected soldiers were behind it.

West Point had “no official knowledge” of the theft. ... The farm is just miles from Fort Meade, an Army installation, and locals from the area with ties to the service have previously helped steal the goat.
Sadly, there are no pics (which, according to internet terminology, means it didn't happen). But it did happen; it just wasn't really the best rivalry-related thing ever since this other thing will never, ever be beaten:
Army's mule mascots are housed inside the academy with guards watching over the entrances. In 1991, several Navy cadets managed to infiltrate the US Military Academy, tie up a guard, kidnap the three mules and race off campus while being tracked by a helicopter.
I have nothing to add.


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