Sunday, December 09, 2012

Army-Navy really does mean something

Army probably deserved to beat Navy yesterday. Trent Steelman definitely deserved to beat Navy at some point in his career since ... I mean ... obviously. Everybody deserves that. It's Army-Navy.

For once, Gary Danielson said it best:
"Four years of work, a year of prep school, so many injuries, so many hits running this offense. ... I'm not even gonna pretend I know what he's going through."
In a-picture-says-1,000-words form (during the alma mater):

And in a picture-says-1,000-more-words form (while leaving the field):

That's not emotion; that's complete and utter despair. And then he talked to the media anyway because:
“I’m the captain. I’m ready when you need me.”
Army-Navy, man. Army-freakin'-Navy.


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