Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best. Christmas present. EVER.

I debated posting a picture of that stupid shirt Jimmy Clausen's been tweeting about or the even-stupider variations of said shirt, which I won't bother linking to here, but prefer this as national championship game content-type stuff since ... I mean ... just watch it:

That hug? Yeah. I bet that guy (a) hadn't reacted to a gift like that since he was under the age of 10 and (b) won't remove that hat at any time until at least January 8 (and with good reason). Let this be a reminder that there are oases of heartwarming goodness in the vast ocean of awfulness that is user-submitted YouTube content. And in the spirit of giving, may Nick Saban not leave for the Browns until after the game.

Related revelation: Getting old means the kids are supposed to get you awesome, emotion-inducing gifts rather than the other way around. /forwards video to son's not-yet-existent email address postdated circa 2047


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