Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Damn you, Infinity Ward

I stumbled across a story the other day that said Modern Warfare 3 sold 6.5 million copies in the first 24 hours last week. That is a ridiculous number, and it obviously went up in the ensuing days; the total for the first week was 12 million (that's $738 million in seven days lol).

There's really no reason you should know this unless your name is Charlie Strong and you just watched your team lose at home to Pitt in embarrassing fashion:

Hmmm ... yeah, pretty much. MW3 is freakin' addictive. I played it for about three hours last week and didn't wanna let it go. I was sad like a sad puppy when it left with a friend. In that sense, I award Charlie Strong 1,000 arbitrary and meaningless coachpoints (not accepted anywhere) for being socially competent enough to recognize what game half his team is totally immersed in. Ron Zook still thinks Zelda is pretty cool.

The problem with the whole "MW3 no focus ARGH" argument is this: They sell Call of Duty in Pittsburgh, too. I'm quite sure of this since there are two GameStops, three Wal-Marts and three Targets in the Pittsburgh metro area (I looked it up). Of those 6.5 million first-day copies, I'm guessing at least a few belong to Pitt football players; the average right now is about one purchase for every four under-40 males in the U.S., which is absurd and means Pitt (if average) has about 21 copies. Think about that and then shake your head a little more.

The "we were distracted" excuse doesn't work very well when everybody's distracted.


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