Thursday, July 05, 2012

Isaiah Crowell is decisive if nothing else

Isaiah Crowell just completed the fastest dismissal/transfer/enrollment process in the history of ever:
Former Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell has decided to transfer to Alabama State, Hornets coach Reggie Barlow said Thursday.

"We got an opportunity to recruit Isaiah, and I imagine a lot of other teams were recruiting him as well," Barlow said. "But his family, they've made a decision that they are going to come to Alabama State University. He has been admitted into the university. He's registered for class and he will be starting class on Monday."

Alabama State is a Football Championship Subdivision-level program, so Crowell will be eligible to play this season instead of sitting out the required year if he had transferred to another Football Bowl Subdivision school.
OK then. I was pretty close when I "penciled him in as North Alabama's next salvation project," yes? Rhetorical answer: yes.

Whether he actually ends up playing this fall isn't a matter of eligibility but is a matter of, like, not being incarcerated; he's facing three felony charges and is gonna have some negotiatin' to do if he wants to get out of that with just probation/community service/whatever. A related and super-convenient update from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Law Offices of Steve Sadow:
Crowell has retained high-profile Atlanta criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow to represent him on weapons charges.

Reached by telephone Thursday, Sadow said he will be representing Crowell “pro bono,” which means he won’t be charging for his services. Sadow has represented such high-profile clients as the rapper T.I., and defended former Georgia basketball player Tony Cole on a rape charge, which was eventually dismissed.

Sadow said he reached out to Crowell via social media after reading reports of his arrest and seeing “some serious problems with the search” of Crowell’s vehicle that resulted in his arrest.
I bet. I'm just gonna assume Sadow looks like this (please don't correct me if this is wildly incorrect, which it is):

Anyway, assuming that all gets worked out, Crowell should destroy the FCS (pending Alabama State having a respectable offensive line and whatnot, which seems likely for a team that went 8-2 against the rest of the FCS last year). The guy wasn't a bust from a talent standpoint; he was the top-ranked running back in the country coming out of high school, started at Georgia as a true freshman and put up 91 yards a game and five touchdowns in his nine full games amid various team-rules-related shenanigans.

He's good. He'll probably end up playing in the NFL if he stops doing stupid things. It's just unfortunate that nobody outside of Whereversville, Alabama, will get to see him in the interim.


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