Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is just getting hilarious (not for Maryland)

Maryland quarterback Caleb Rowe is out for the year. Of course he is.
Coach Randy Edsall announced Sunday that Caleb Rowe has a torn anterior cruciate ligament and is done for the year.

The injury occurred in Saturday's 20-17 loss to Boston College. It was the first college start for the true freshman.
Great googly moogly. Rowe was literally the only quarterback left on the roster following a foot injury to Devin Burns, a converted receiver who was filling in for Perry Hills, who tore his ACL while replacing C.J. Brown, who tore his ACL in fall camp. In other words, Maryland has lost four quarterbacks this season, three of them in the last two weeks.

The remaining options: linebacker Shawn Petty, who ran some option in high school, and tight end Brian McMahon. I know.

This is what I wrote the other day when Maryland announced Burns' injury just a couple days after acknowledging Hills' injury:
Caleb Rowe should probably put his legs in bubble wrap, because there is now an Angry Maryland Quarterback Hating God, and he apparently learned from the master.
Beware, next guy taking snaps. Seriously. Beware.


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