Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'll be there one day

I often refer to Michigan-Ohio State as The Game because ... I mean ... it's The Game. There's nothing like it. I've spent hundreds of dollars to fly across the country just to see it (totally worth it, BTW) and can't even explain to people my level of emotional investment in every edition of it. It's The Game.

There's a little-known requirement that every sports-media entity has to run a "What's the greatest rivalry in sports?" poll every November. It's like the speed-limit law: Adherence is what allows terrible columnists to continue getting paid from a pile of government money that somehow grows with every mind-numbingly stupid comment on the interwebz. Anyway, the choices have to be the following: Michigan-Ohio State, Alabama-Auburn, Army-Navy, North Carolina-Duke and Celtics-Lakers. I always vote for Army-Navy.

I also have a mental bucket list of college football experiences I desperately want to ... umm ... experience. There are some SEC stadiums and Autzen and South Bend on there somewhere. I'm not sure exactly what the order is other than the one at the top: Army-Navy.

I tried to explain the game to my wife once and didn't know how. I still don't. I thought I'd be able to in this paragraph since I can write a lot more coherently than I can talk; that's obviously not happening. The freakin' president is there! It's Army-Navy. I don't know what else to say.

But I think I finally got it. In video-says-1,000-words form:

Beautiful. That's why I wanna be there. /sappiness.


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