Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jerel Worthy might want to research his tattoos

Michigan State defensive tackle Jerel Worthy is pretty good -- he finished third in voting for Big Ten preseason defensive player of the year and is universally (for some reason) regarded as one of the top overall prospects for next year's draft -- but I'm not so sure about his observational skills.

See, he got this tattoo ...

... and while I'm pretty sure I understand the message and recognize the goal of generating mouth-breathing "cool, brah" comments around campus, the thing at the bottom is such a laughably bad manifestation of Michigan that I find it to be more ridiculous than degrading. Granted, wolverines are essentially extinct in Michigan, so he's probably never seen a real one, but I can tell you with certainty that it looks nothing like a Yorkie born with otter's extremities, which is pretty much what that thing on his arm resembles.

And even more importantly, why is it wearing a Missouri helmet? You'd think a guy who grew up in Ohio and is entering his fourth year at a school that hates Michigan with the passion of 10,000 fires would be familiar with this thing:

I mean, that's a pretty widely recognized and easy-to-remember design, yes?

I can absolutely picture this scenario:
"I was with some friends who play for Michigan. I have a lot of guys that I grew up with in the city of Dayton; I was with those guys. It was laughs and giggles. They actually thought it was pretty cool."
Yeah, just like when you go out with your buddies and one of them gets too drunk and comes up with a hilariously terrible idea -- there's no way you're shooting it down when you can go along for the ride, take pictures to document the stupidity and laugh at him the entire time (and for years afterward). "Don't worry, we're laughing with you."

Congratulations on being that guy, Jerel Worthy.


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