Monday, June 13, 2011

Catching up loves red-on-white color schemes

Russell Wilson likely headed to Wisconsin: I have no idea whether Russell Wilson's future is in football or baseball, but NC State didn't have much interest in waiting around to find out and decided to cut him loose last month and let him be awesome somewhere else for his senior season. It's not officially official yet, but man ... Wisconsin oughta be loaded this year. I thought the loss of the quietly efficient and underrated Scott Tolzien would create a not-insignificant void, but replacing him with Wilson -- who says he's "95 percent" sure he'll play football this fall -- would be ridiculously convenient for Wisconsin and wildly irritating for everyone who plays Wisconsin. It's entirely possible that Wisconsin 2011 > Wisconsin 2010, which (in case you forgot in the past six months) went 11-2 and played in the Rose Bowl.

Terrelle Pryor headed for supplemental draft: No surprise, but this news come with the added schadenfreude-tastic bonus of hearing scouts destroy Pryor's lack of development as a quarterback at The University of Ohio State (lol). I also unintentionally overhead a coworker come up with the perfect in-a-nutshell summary of the "Pryor signs with Drew Rosenhaus" news: "Douchebag signs with douchebag." It's brilliant in its simplicity.

JoePa is on Skype: This picture seems ironic and amusing on so many levels:

I'm utterly amazed that JoePa is teaching recruits how to use Skype and works on a Mac. I'm less surprised that he needs a 54-inch monitor.

Rob Bolden re-enrolls at Penn State: Speaking of Penn State, the quarterback situation was pretty much an unmitigated disaster last season, so persuading the most talented guy on the roster to stick around is probably a step in the right direction (even if he was part of the can't-look-away wreckage). Bolden has been wishy-washy ever since midway through last season -- when he was benched in favor of Michigan-destroying walk-on Matt McGloin -- about what exactly he wants to do with his career, which is kinda strange since he's reportedly at least neck-and-neck with McGloin for the starting job going into next year. The guess here is that he'll give it a go this fall and try to win the job outright; if he doesn't, cya.

Cliff Harris should probably slow down: Driving 118 mph? Sweet. Driving 118 mph on a suspended license and getting caught? Ummm ... not sweet? Cliff Harris would know, which is unfortunate for Oregon considering that he's probably the best corner AND the best punt returner in the Pac-10 (and maybe the country). Oregon's had no official word yet on any punishment, but AP was thoughtful enough to do the research and discovered that the fine for hitting triple digits is (drumroll) $1,148. Ouch. I don't think Phil Knight's allowed to pay that.

Recruiting rankings FTW: I don't bother trying to cover recruiting at any sort of in-depth level, but if you're into that sort of thing, the ESPNU 150 is now out. The Rivals and Scout rankings are typically more accurate -- I actually did a study on it once (lol nerd) -- but the thing about having three or four (depending on your opinion of 24/7 Sports) respectable recruiting services out there is that you can get a pretty good consensus on the top 200-ish guys in the country. And if you're sitting there going, "pffft, recruiting rankings don't matter," you're lacking a basic understanding of math.


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