Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catching up is almost there (almost there!!!)

Ah just like the old days: Will Muschamp totally wants to be the OBC:
Florida football coach Will Muschamp still isn’t naming a starter for Saturday’s opener against Bowling Green. However, he did indicate the method by which sophomores Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel would be substituted. Muschamp and offensive coordinator Brent Pease have decided to rotate the two after the first quarter.

“Brent and I right now plan to play one in the first quarter -- we haven’t made that decision yet (on the starter) -- and another in the second quarter. Then, at halftime, make a decision on how we move forward.”
Sweet. It's like 1996 except with Florida's offense being crappy instead of awesome.

FYI, Brissett and Driskell were similarly craptastic last year as true freshmen: Brissett was 18 for 39 with two touchdowns and four interceptions (ugh) and Driskell was 16 for 34 with no touchdowns and two picks (also ugh). They're also similarly athletic; the only real difference between the two is that Driskell came in as a mega recruit (the top QB in the country, according to Scout) back in his day and probably has slightly more talent in terms of arm strength and whatnot, but that doesn't mean much at this point.

Not drugs? LSU might be down a couple kinda-important guys this year because of academic shenanigans:
According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, running back Michael Ford and linebacker Tahj Jones, both juniors, have some academic eligibility issues to resolve before they can play this season.

LSU coach Les Miles confirmed that there was some hurdles for the two players to overcome:

"There is some appeal process that's being undertaken for those guys, and we'll kind of have to wait to see how that all turns out as we get closer to the game," Miles said.
It seems reasonable to assume that a ruling -- not a good one -- has already been made if it's into the appeals process. What's unclear thus far is whether that ruling is specifically in regards to the North Texas game or the season as a whole; I'd think it'd be the latter if it's an academic thing but can't find any particular evidence of such.

So ... umm ... yeah. Ford was LSU's leading rusher last year with 756 yards but was listed third on the depth chart and even with second-leading rusher Spencer Ware, which means both guys were surpassed in camp by nominal starter Alfred Blue (539 yards and seven touchdowns last year) and Kenny Hilliard, a big-time recruit last year who got 62 carries as a freshman and scored eight touchdowns (!) on those 62 carries. Depth: There's plenty. As for Jones, he was the starter at one of the outside linebacker spots heading into fall camp but was then beaten out by Luke Muncie. He probably would be/would have been one of the top guys off the bench.

Seeing as how LSU plays a game in four days, there should be a relatively immediate ruling on both guys that should, in theory, provide a little clarity as to whether this is a short-term or long-term thing (or neither).

Da'Rick Rodgers has much patience: Da'Rick Rodgers' indefinite suspension at Tennessee lasted all of four days and ended only in the most technical and voluntary way:
Da'Rick Rogers officially has left Tennessee's football team.

The former all-Southeastern Conference wide receiver has transferred to Football Championship Subdivision program Tennessee Tech, the school confirmed Monday afternoon. The move was announced four days after Tennessee indefinitely suspended Rogers for a violation of team rules.

Sources told ESPN.com that Rogers' dismissal came after multiple violations of the school's substance-abuse policy for athletes.
Tennessee Tech presumably either doesn't test for pot or doesn't care. In related news, the entire SEC has transferred to the FCS.

Henry Josey ouch: This isn't particulary surprising but is still kinda tragic:
Missouri tailback Henry Josey will not play this year after injuring his left knee in November against Texas.

Tigers coach Gary Pinkel says Josey is expected to make a full recovery. He says he saw Josey running during practice Sunday.

Josey tore his ACL, MCL and patellar tendon against the Longhorns, requiring two surgeries -- one following the injury and another in the spring.
That injury was reportedly "one in a million" in terms of its complete devastation. Insightful analysis: That's not good for a running back. It's also not particularly good for Missouri seeing as how Josey was the team's leading rusher last year with 1,168 yards (in 10 games) and nine touchdowns.

If there's any good news it's that Josey's only a junior and has a redshirt available (he'd get a medical one even if he didn't), meaning that if he can come back relatively healthy in 2013, he'll have two years of eligibility left to display whatever ability he's got left.

Boise State makes it official: Joe Southwick will be the starting quarterback:
Three years of patience and preparation paid off for Boise State junior quarterback Joe Southwick.

Southwick will make his first career start Friday night at No. 13 Michigan State, coach Chris Petersen announced Sunday.

Southwick joined the team in August 2009, was the Offensive Scout Player of the Year as a redshirt that season and served as the backup to Kellen Moore the past two seasons. He beat out three younger players for the starting job. Sophomore Grant Hedrick is the backup, redshirt freshman Jimmy Laughrea is No. 3 and true freshman Nick Patti likely will redshirt.
That announcement was basically a formality given that Southwick actually has some experience (albeit mostly meaningless experience) and the other guys don't. It's worth noting that Petersen has always valued said experience, although that's been somewhat forgotten since Kellen Moore took over one year after Jared Zabransky left (!!!) and started 1,000 games in a row. Roughly.

Anyway, Southwick's career numbers: 40 of 54 with two touchdowns and a pick, with all of those numbers accumulated in mop-up duty. His first career start will be an undoubtedly super-fun opener against Michigan State in three days. Wwwhheeeee. Based on recent history, he'll probably win that game and then all but about one throughout the rest of his career.

What's the problem? Dwayne Beckford might possibly kinda sorta have a problem with authority:
Purdue has suspended troubled linebacker Dwayne Beckford indefinitely after he was arrested earlier Monday.

"It's unfortunate that Dwayne allegedly violated some of the terms of his probationary status," Boilermakers coach Danny Hope said in a statement. "Once we examine all the details that led to today's development, we will make a decision on his long-term status with the team."

The 6-foot-1, 228-pound senior was arrested in December on a drunken-driving charge for his third brush with Tippecanoe County law enforcement of the year. He was suspended for Purdue's bowl game and for the second semester last year by the school and the team. Beckford was reinstated in May.
Impressive. Beckford was Purdue's second-leading tackler last year (departed senior Joe Holland was first) with 84 tackles and is/was supposed to be the starting middle linebacker on a probably average-ish defense with an otherwise-inexperienced group of linebackers. It won't be a surprise if he's never heard from again (at least not at Purdue) given the previous suspensions and incessant shenanigans. We'll see.

Oh of course: Michael Dyer has enrolled at Arkansas Baptist College, a school I'd literally never heard of before 30 second ago. ABC (lol) apparently has a football team; regardless, Dyer won't be playing this year and instead will be working toward his associate's degree. I have nothing to add here.

This makes perfect sense: The FCS is reportedly thinking about changing its name since (a) there are zero people in the world who recognize the acronym "FCS" without thinking about which one is the FBS and which one is the FCS and (b) it doesn't serve its intended purpose of fading the line between the two divisions (from a competitive standpoint). Mind-blowing revelation:
"The reality is, there's going to be a label used somewhere to differentiate between the Nebraskas of the world and the Woffords and Georgia Southerns of the world."
Mind blown.

I don't really understand the purpose of changing a name people haven't really gotten used to yet to a different name they also won't get used to for a bunch of years, but if they're gonna change it, there's only one possible solution: I-AA, man. Do it.

Just because: This is so awesome.

I want it.


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