Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's officially official

It's playoff time (in 2014):
A committee of university presidents on Tuesday approved the BCS commissioners' plan for a four-team playoff to start in two years.

Lulz at all that stuff I wrote about the presidents getting all presidential and screwing everything up; they got a consensus recommendation and approved it about three hours later, which makes this quote ...
"There were differences of views," Virginia Tech president Charles W. Steger said. "I think it would be a serious mistake to assume it was a rubber stamp."
... kinda nonsensical. Instant approval + zero Harvey Perlman plus-one filibusters = rubber stamp.

So ... it's official (the outline is, anyway). There will be a playoff (!!!) comprised of four teams and semifinals that rotate between the six BCS games (the Champions Bowl, the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl and an assortment of three other games that will probably include the Sugar Bowl and the Cotton Bowl) via a contract that runs through 2025.

What's not official: the details. There apparently wasn't any discussion of the selection process/guidelines or revenue distribution, both of which will require some negotiating that will undoubtedly include ominous comments and politicking and blah blah blah. I was expecting a little more immediate specificity to the general agreements that (a) there will be a committee made up of some people -- presumably conference commissioners and/or athletic directors, a la the NCAA tournament committee -- and (b) there will be money to go around. I'm also minimally concerned seeing as how they got the complicated part done in about three meetings and now have about three months before needing a finalized version to pitch to the networks.

There's not much else to say/write here about the aforementioned approval given the previous 487 (approximately) related posts on this site. Playoff playoff playoff. Playoff.

More reaction -- of the non-newsy, what-it-means-to-me variety -- tomorrow.


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