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Catching up thinks Tim Brewster was great

And the hits just keep on comin' for Ohio State: As you might have heard, senior wideout DeVier Posey will have to sit out another five games (he already missed the first five as part of his TatGate punishment) for doing that thing Ohio State players do, which is sometimes referred to as "taking money." Gene Smith is flabbergasted and Posey's lawyer is "incensed" at the NCAA's disregard for THE FACTS OF THE CASE RABBLE RABBLE; the NCAA is like "lol yeah no":
"These statements are patently false," NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said. "To ensure a fair process for the involved student-athlete, each reinstatement decision is determined based on its own merits. The staff carefully reviews all information that the university puts forward during the reinstatement process. Posey's (suspension) is based on his own actions and responsibility for the violation."
NCAA 1, law-talkin' guy 0, Ohio State derp. There's some talk that this is Smackdown Part I from the NCAA compliance people, but I'm not ready to jump to that conclusion when three other guys (including Boom Herron) in the same boat got suspended for only a game each. Those three were "overpaid" by a little less money but broke the same rules, so I dunno; maybe the NCAA just hates DeVier Posey.

What I am ready to say is that without Posey, Ohio State's passing game will not come close to resembling something good at any point this season. The only hope for offensive mediocrity (which is the ceiling) is Herron, who's above average but isn't Barry Sanders and will be running into massively stacked fronts all year behind a crappy offensive line. Ohio State fans will see none of this as they continue daydreaming about Urban Meyer.

Garrett Gilbert to transfer: This week in "duh." Gilbert's career at Texas was over the day he got bumped to third string, which happened to be right after he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in a pathetic outing against BYU. Since then, Case McCoy and David Ash have completed about 60 percent of their passes with four touchdowns and no picks as Texas has gone 3-0. So Gilbert's off to destination unknown, and he'll probably draw some interest since he was a five-star recruit a couple years back and at least looked good enough to win the starting job at Texas two years in a row (and almost lead a ridiculous comeback in the national championship game against Alabama just 20 months ago, when he was a true freshman). He's actually fortunate (in a sense) that he blew out his shoulder, because he'll now get a medical redshirt and have two years of eligibility left at whatever school he chooses. The rumor going around is "Gilbert to SMU," which would make sense; June Jones likee the passee.

Even Jerry Kill thinks Minnesota sucks: This is a hilariously harsh but entirely accurate assessment of Minnesota's football team right now:
“We’re not athletically gifted enough. We’re getting slower. You have to recruit tough -- you don’t make them tough. You have to recruit tacklers,” Kill said.

“We can’t practice the way I’m used to practicing. We don’t have the bodies in our program. We’re not gifted enough. We can’t do what we’ve done defensively. We got to quit trying to, because we can’t. We got to simplify some things,” Kill said.

Discipline is an area that Minnesota has lacked according to Kill, but that is where his change in culture must begin.

“We’re not disciplined off the field. I spend more time babysitting than coaching.”
Ouch. So what you're saying is that Tim Brewster left a lot of talent, yes? Brewster thinks so:
“That’s a very talented football team that’s at the University of Minnesota right now. Coach Kill is very fortunate, and he knows that.”
No. Just no. That is a very awful football team, and you're just coming off stupid, Tim Brewster.

Somebody get Gary Andersen a horseshoe, stat: Srsly. Utah State has lost its three D-I games this season in the following fashion: Auburn got a miraculous onside kick recovery in between late touchdowns in a 42-38 win, Colorado State recovered a muffed punt with 2 minutes left and went on to score the tying TD and win 35-34 in double overtime, and BYU went 96 yards in the final 2:36 and scored on a ridiculously lucky deflected pass with 11 seconds left to win 27-24.

Even without taking into account the laughably unfortunate endings, blowing three last-minute leads is kinda hard to do:
Brett Thiessen, "The Mathlete" on, runs advanced statistical analysis for every NCAA football game in the country. Using the score, time remaining and other factors, Thiessen can determine the likelihood of the outcome.

Thiessen ran the numbers regarding the three Aggies losses and here's what he found:

Against Auburn: Utah State had a 92 percent chance of victory in Auburn just before the Tigers recovered their onside kick.

Against Colorado State: the Aggies had a 98 percent chance of winning before fumbling away a punt in the final minutes. Even after taking the muffed punt into account, Utah State was still an 88 percent favorite to prevail.

Against BYU: When Riley Nelson and the Cougars took over from their own 4-yard line, the numbers gave the Aggies a 90 percent chance of leaving Provo victorious.

Add all those improbable outcomes together and the odds of Utah State losing all three of those games are about 1 in more than 6,000 chances.
That says it all.

At least Cumberland defended the pass well: Great tidbit from College Football Live's Twitter feed: It was exactly 95 years ago today that Georgia Tech did unspeakable things to Cumberland in a 222-0 win that remains the most lopsided game in football history.

You probably know the story -- if not, click here -- but what stood out to me was the obscure stat that followed the score in that tweet: Georgia Tech ran for 1,620 yards (!!!) on 40 carries. And since I'm a sicko, I looked up Cumberland's numbers: -84 total yards. Also, Georgia Tech went 30 for 32 on extra-point attempts, which means even old-timey kickers were better than the guys Arizona has right now (zing!).

Is Troy Smith trying to help? This seems ... uhh ... interesting (and probably not so good for Ohio State):
"To tell you the truth, it had nothing to do with a $500 thing between myself and a booster," Smith said. "I took the rap for a lot of people so a lot of people wouldn't get in trouble. But that story can't be told unless I want to get back at a lot of people. I'm not that type of guy. Never will."
Basically saying "everybody was doing inappropriate stuff, but I don't wanna talk about that because I'm such a good guy" seems like an incredibly dumb and self-serving thing to do. His statement alone acknowledges just how widespread the OSU stuff has been for years, even if nobody there (specifically Gene Smith) wants to admit it. Sadly, the NCAA has no authority whatsoever over ex-athletes, so this will just get added to the pile labeled "stuff we know is/was going on that will have no impact on actual penalties."

Ohio State needs a non-walrus: Who says there aren't any high-paying jobs out there?!? This one even comes with an incredibly low standard for success:

Offensive Coordinator Needed (Columbus, OH)

Date: 2011-10-04, 3:44PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Looking for an Offensive Coordinator. Needs to know about the forward pass, especially play-action and screens. Must not look like a walrus. If you are able to run an offense at a level higher than middle school, please call me.
Lol must not look like a walrus. Hilarious.

Mediocre coordinators show you how stuff works (or doesn't): This ESPN "Experts Breakdown" series is pretty fantastic, even if the guys they've picked so far aren't exactly Rich Rodriguez and Nick Saban. This first one features Va. Tech O-coordinator Bryan Spinestring explaining how he likes to have a bubble-screen option that plays off the zone running game:

This one is Georgia D-coordinator Todd Grantham diagramming his version of the mike-safety combo blitz:

And this one is Penn State quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno saying a bunch of weird stuff about baseball or something (which explains a lot about Penn State's offense):

It's probably just a coincidence that all three of those guys are terrible at what they do.


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