Friday, September 16, 2011

Runnin' the option in Hurricane Katrina

The Michigan State-Notre Dame game probably carries a real significance for some people in the Upper Midwest. Not for me. For all of eternity (as long as they're playing, anyway), it shall heretofore at Forever Saturday be known as The Mike Valenti Game.

For reference, it was 2006 and Notre Dame had just rallied to hand MSU one of its typically hilarious and devastating losses as big-time Spartan slappy and Detroit radio host Mike Valenti looked on from the stands in a brutal rainstorm. The following Monday morning, amazing happened in the form of a 15-minute rant that must live on for posterity's sake.

The perfect summary, courtesy of Notre Dame blog The House That Rock Built:
It's ... amazing. Crazy amazing. Cramazing. Holy hell, stop reading this and just listen to it. In one of his more lucid moments, he demands the coaching staff be replaced by Teddy Ruxpin and HR Pufnstuf. Then he starts saying some really weird shit.
Seriously, it's cramazing. Listen to it. Now.


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